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    SlingPlayer for Linux


      I have looked through a number of posts regarding using the Slingbox with Linux.  Unfortunately, the posts date back more than a couple of years.  Users of Linux continue to ask for a SlingPlayer to work with Linux, but their requests appear to "fall on very deaf ears."  It is ironic to see that when I search the website for "Linux" that I find many "hits" where Slingbox is looking to hire those with Linux experience.  I would hope that this is a good sign.


      I am using my Slingbox 350 in the Mac and Windows.  Both work great and the experience is wonderful.


      What Slingbox may not realize is the Linux platform may very likely have a more rapid growth going forward given the new AMD APU push into the laptop and tablet market.


      Linux is becoming more and more the operating system of choice for those that have used Windows and Macs for years.


      My plea:  Slingbox, please consider providing the SlingPlayer for the Linux platform.