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    Having problems with FiOS Remote. PLEASE HELP!


      Hello all. I am having some problems with my Verizon FiOS remote. I received my Slingbox SOLO as a Christmas gift. I set it up, and was able to view on my iPhone, iPad, and over the web with no problem. EXCEPT for the remote. After a couple days of fiddling with it, I finally got it to work with no problems at all (to be honest I don't even know what I did differently. Almost as if I started from the beginning and all the sudden the remote started working.)


      Anyway, after it working flawless for a full week, all of the sudden the remote stopped working again. Tried a reset of the box, but to not avail. I have a Verizon FiOS Motorola QIP 7216 Cable Box. Has anyone with similar setups had any problems like this? Any information would be GREATLY appreciated!!