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    Can't Watch on Slingbox.com without work around


      After hours and hours, I finally got the slingplayer on the HDS-600RS working and I can watch it on an old computer via the website slingbox.com and via the Ipad. I am still having issues with my windows 7 64 bit laptop. I simply cannot get passed the county selection. I have used the 32 bit internet explorer, played around with all the virus software, internet explorer active X settings but it makes no difference. Also downloaded chrome and still the same. I can not get passed the country selection screen.


      Found the thread with the workaround





      and it really helped. It works when I use this workaround. However when I go to slingbox.com and try to watch, it says “Cannot connect to this earlier Slingbox model.”


      Also when I try and use the Facebook app I get a similar issue. Could somebody please help as I would like to eliminate this work around and fix the issue.


      Echostar says contact Slingpayer and slingplayer support says contact Echostart. Can anybody help???

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          MaryKessler Newbie

          Hello rickhenders,



          Thank you for participating in our community forums! I'm sorry to hear your having trouble with connecting to your Slingbox. It sounds like there could be a couple of different things going on but in order to narrow it down I do have a couple of questions that I would like to ask you:


          • Which Slingbox model do you have?
          • Have you tried using the Mozilla Firefox Web browser?
          • Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies out of your Web browsers?


          We will be happy to further assist you with this issue.


          Have a Great Day,

          The Sling Moderation Team

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              I have two slingboxes. An older slingbox solo and a new Echostar HDS-600RS. I have not tried Firefox but have tried internet Explorer 32 bit and Chrome. Both are the same. I have deleted cookies and web cahce but it makes no difference.


              I can see both Slingboxes on my older 32 bit Windows machine and also with the Ipad but I can not simply go to Slingbox.com and watch on my newer laptop. I have to always enter the workaround of


              https://accounts.sling.com/accounts/locale?next=http://watch.slingbox.com&locale=en_uk. Then all is ok.


              I also appear to have an issue with the Facebook app because it says the HDS-600RS is not compatible and to upgrade to a newer version. ( I had similar messages in the past on slingbox.com before I re-set the HDS-600RS back to original factory settings.


              Not sure if it is connected but looking at my products on slingbox.com the Slingbox solo says UK but the HDS-600RS says USA and I can not change it. Prior to purchasing the HDS-600RS I used the windows slingplayer program with no issues. However I removed it as when I tried to set up the HDS-600RS, it said not compatible and got the impression I should be using the slingbox.com portal and click watch.







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                  jamesmccourt Novice



                  As I said the Facebook app isn't supported but 'watch' definitely is! I'm not sure why your HDS-600RS is saying USA....you can't just select UK in the top right of this site?? That should take you to the old 'watch' page with the red borders. If not I can post a link to the older SlingPlayer if you like?


                  With the desktop SlingPlayer it will ask you if you want to update it every time to you open it but you must ALWAYS say no. There is a change you can make to stop this happening which I can post if you need it. The old desktop player definitely works with the HDS.



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                jamesmccourt Novice



                I have the HDS-600RS. It's definitely not compatible with the Facebook app. However, it works fine on watch, an old version of the standalone desktop SlingPlayer and on a SlingCatcher for me (so I can connect it remotely to a big TV without the need for my PC).


                When you go to 'watch' do you definitely select UK as your country? The new US player isn't compatible with the HDS and will display the message you mentioned. Let me know. I can forward to a link to the old SlingPlayer if that doesn't work.