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    ATTENTION SLINGBOX.... Important


      OK... this is going to be a bit of a rant, but a constructive one.  I just spent a few hours over two days cursing my slingbox.  What happened is this.


      Everything was fine and dandy with my slingbox, I was watching it over internet for a better part of a year without problems.  In the interim, my PC crashed, and I did a re configure..etc.


      This didn't affect my slingbox, until two days ago, when I logged onto the site, and it asked me ( FORCED) me to upgrade the viewer.


      I did so, and it killed the remote for the Samsung Dvd-recorder I was using as the tuner, r135.    This remote was kindly supplied to me a year ago by alan Ritchey, who I hated to bug again for the file link as YOU REMOVED THE ARCHIVES FROM THE PREVIOUS FORUMS. 


      So I posted another request for the same remote codes I asked for a year ago.  Fine.  ( I still need them btw, so if anyone can send them I'd appreciate it)


      But everything looked different,  and I couldn't put my finger on it.  I tried everyone one of your dvd and VCR codes for samsung,  but that took almost an hour and a half with no success.   Your interface on the set up is brutally slow, I have to do 4-5 mouse clicks just to change from one remote code to the next.


      Anyways., none of the codes worked, I re-read some notes from Alan Ritchey, and realized I wasn't getting the proper set up screens even to install any custom remote codes, and I didn't have a slingmedia folder in my program directories.


      So I went through all your forum postings until I came across a posting about.. " Re: has something changed?"  and it was in that post that I finally realized that the web based viewer would never work, I had to install Slingplayer for windows which was on my crashed PC, but not on this new one.


      I thought I had to do that two days earlier, but when I went to the download link, the browser plugin must have re-directed me away from the windows files, as it jumped me directly to the browser set up , so I didn't think there was an alternative, and forgot that last time I had a different interface.


      If I didn't read the forum post  "Re: Has something changed" , under GENERAL DISCUSSION  I would not have found the ALTERNATE link to the windows file.


      So.. Please do not hide the windows files.  You cost me two days of time wasting over nothing.   Find some other way of stopping people from downloading the files inadvertantly, if you want everyone to just use the browser plug in, but for those of us who are looking for those files,  please make sure they don't have to go through the confusion I just went through.


      You need to remember, the last time I reconfigured this was a year ago.  Don't expect me to remember exactly what steps I took.  Update your FAQ to reflect that "If you are trying to install a custom code, you need to make sure you have slingplayer installed on your pc, or Mac, go to this link here...www.blahblahblah.com , and then you can enter your codes"