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    SOLO will not stay connected.  Using Comcast Gateway modem/router


      I have a SOLO box and I just installed a NEW Motorola / Comcast wireless modem / router gateway.


      My SOLO Slingbox will not stay connected for more than a couple of minutes.


      I have read a lot of threads and I remember reading someone saying somehting about having to make some setting changes in the router?


      I have the Slingbox 'wired' via a LAN line to the router.  I used to have the same problem with a wireless signal, I made the assumption the dropping of the signal was a 'wireless' issue, so I spent a couple of days re-wiring my family room where the slingbox is to have a Cat5 wire to the box.


      I have GREAT internet speeds, and no connectivity issues with multiple compters and smart phones, yet the Slingbox will NOT stay connected.


      I am about to disconnect it and throw it out unless someone can give me some advice.


      I tried "Chatting" with Slingbox support but they told me I would have to pay $30 to have her continue to 'Chat'... :-(


      I really appreciate any help I can get.