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    Problem with TR-40 Remote Control


      I am new to this community and I posted this comment in "Ideas" but that may be wrong.  I am cross-posting this as a discussion item in case that is the appropriate location.  Hopefully the moderators can adjust the location if this is wrong.


      I just received a Slingbox 500 for  Christmas.  Previously I was using an older red Slingbox PRO.  I do not  have a cable subscription so I watch OTA broadcasts via a DISH DTVPal  TR-40.  When setting up the Slingbox 500, I discovered there was a  remote control for the TR-40 so I chose it over the the configuration I  had been using with the Slingbox PRO.  Unfortunately I have found the  TR-40 control to be very flakey.  It has problems turning the DTVPal on  and when I want to select a single digit channel such as 2-1 by typing  "0021", I wind up on channel "21" as one of the first leading zeros is  dropped by the remote.


      However,  by changing my configured input to "DISH Network DISH 311" it works  fine.  Granted the remote layout is a bit different than the TR-40  remote but everything works.  Using an older digital camera to view the  IR signal, it appears the TR-40 remote is sending shorter bursts of IR  signal than the DISH Network DISH 311 remote.  As such the timings are  off.  Is there a way to adjust the speed at which the TR-40 IR signals  are sent or to at least edit it to try and make it work correctly?  It  certainly appears fixable.

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          Sling certainly won't do anything, They have a list of dozens of boxes they don't even support and that is much more important.  It's an interesting exercise though and I might be able to help.  As I understand it you want the 311 Binary code timings matched to the TR-40 'image' ?


          I cannot tweak the built-in codes so the first thing to try is a Custom Dish Remote to see if it has any the right binary code timings,  give this one a try. 



          Later;  Sorry, just realised it's a waste of time.  Sling have removed the functionality to match remote images with Custom codes in the 500 so I cannot improve on your present situation. 

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              Thanks for the information.  I wasn't sure if there was a way to tweak it or not.  I looked into custom remotes years ago for my original red Slingbox PRO.  I wanted to support a Magnavox TB100MW9 and wound up finding a lot of information on custom remotes.  However, when I discovered I could control my TR-40 using a DISH configuration, so I gave up on the Magnavox and went with the TR-40.  I was quite excited to see the TR-40 support in the Slingbox 500 but that excitement went away when I saw the timing problems.  So it was back to the DISH 311 configuration.