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    The Slingbox customer service experience - Apple like!


      My hope is that everyone will check their culturally influenced (H)ADD at the virtual door and take 5 minutes to do what comes naturally to us old folks — take the time to read, in its entirety, my experience with my Singbox 500 and SB representatives.  (Spoiler alert — the slingbox customer service experience is wonderful!)


      I recently bought (two days ago) a Slingbox 500.  At this time of year my family and I find ourselves spending most of our weekends and holidays in Ski country.  Our children are young and find it difficult to sever, even for a day or two, their television umbilical cords.  Our solution was to give the Slingbox a try.  I have an iPhone 4S.  After initial set-up of the Slingbox 500 device and purchase of the Slingbox iPhone app everything appeared to be working as expected — we were happy!  That night, eager to test out my new toy, while running errands I ran the app on my phone, it did not work.  Figuring that it was an issue of poor cellular coverage connection I visited an establishment offering free Wifi connectivity.  The app still did not work.  Upon arriving at home I sat back in front of my TV and new Slingbox and attempted to use the app.  Strangely, it worked!  My first thought was that this was a network issue and my accessibility was tied to connectivity through my home Wifi network.  My second thought was to sleep on it and revisit the issue in the morning.


      The next morning I sat in front of my TV and once again tried my new Slingbox technology — kerplunk, kerplooey!  Needless to say I was greatly annoyed.  Determined to resolve the issue I was encountering I called Slingbox support fully expecting the customer service experience that is all to common in today's market place — to be told, in not so many words, that I or my device was the problem and to deal with it.  My blood continued to boil as I waited impatiently, for close to 10 minutes, on hold for "the next customer service representative" to take my call.  At long last my call was indeed answered by a customer service representative [read "actual person" not "computer facsimile].  His name is Charles.  After allowing me to vent my frustrations with my Slingbox experience to date Charles responded, "Let me fix your problem."  I was beside myself!  It is usually at this moment in the conversation that I find out that I need to "speak to a technician," that their technology is "not compatible with mine," or I am given some reason [excuse] as to why there is nothing that could be done. Should I reside myself to the fact that one way or another, come **** or high water, by the end of this call the issues I am currently encountering with my new technology will be resolved? Amazing!


      Long story short, after 45 minutes on the phone with me Charles had me up and running!  Thank you Charles and thank you Slingbox for taking a page out of Apple's playbook and putting "service" back into "customer service" within the technology industry.




      PS - It is possible to mirror your Slingbox connection to a HDTV via your iPhone 4s using the Apple HDMI component adapter.  I am heading to the Apple store to see if it is possible to do it wirelessly with Apple TV as well.