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    How to adjust volume?

    millermmail Newbie

      I can't seem to find the volume control on SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows Mobile.  Any suggestions?


      I've tried just using the system volume down to like 6% (which is comfortable for private listening) but then I miss important messages and calendar appointments because I can't hear the new alert tone if I forget to turn the volume back up.

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          How to optimize streaming in SlingPlayer.


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            Is this concerning SlingPlayer Mobile for a Windows Touch Screen Phone? (That is the community where this post appears...)


            If so, download the User Guide:

            SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Touch Screen User Guides


            Page 15, "Volume Control" describes how to adjust the player volume.

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                millermmail Newbie

                That guide appears to only discuss the old version of SlingPlayer Mobile, the main screen doesn't look anything like the guide and isn't even the same orientation.  I have SlingPlayer 2.0 on Windows Mobile Professional 6.5.  My device is a Verizon HTC Touch Pro2.  The version that the SlingMedia website said I should install was named "SlingPlayer-Mobile-".


                Just to complicate things, when in SlingPlayer the PocketPC operating system volume up/down hardware keys don't respond well so I have to quit SlingPlayer to adjust the system volume.


                This worked perfectly before I "upgraded" to SlingPlayer 2.0 mobile -- it would seem that this basic feature (that exists in every other music and multimedia player) has been removed in the so-called "upgrade".

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                    Hey there - just wanted to point out that we have documented a known issue with this particular handset:


                    Can't seem to find the volume control within SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows Mobile?


                    Have you tried that workaround?


                    Thanks for your feedback and help!

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                        millermmail Newbie

                        I guess I'm missing something, so the hardware volume keys should be controlling SlingPlayer?


                        When I press volume up/down hard keys, it brings up the system volume control but the problem is when I turn the volume down to a comfortable level for TV then I miss calls and messages because the ringer and new message tones are inaudible and I miss important calls and messages.


                        SlingPlayer seems to be the ONLY program I have that lacks an indipendant volume control within the application.  Even the OEM YouTube viewer has a volume control!


                        Since the only solution appears to be downgrading to v1.6, how do I stop the update notifications?

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                            These mods are so useless, it's like they don't even read or understand the question.  You've asked your question three times already, and they still don't understand that in slingplayer mobile 2.0 there is NO application volume control like there was in slingplayer mobile 1.6.  This has nothing to do with the "task bar" being "hidden".  That troubleshooting page that was posted doesn't even answer the question.  The only way to adjust the volume in 2.0 is to adjust the system volume which is not an option for the OP.

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                                eferz Expert

                                Yeah, but Dana is the most helpful one of them all.  There's really only so much you can troubleshoot if the software hasn't been designed that way.  It sounds like a huge inconvenience.


                                I would recommend posting a thread in the Enchangement Request forum (http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-2000297).  It'll probably have more weight than trying to troubleshoot it in this forum.  Since it appears that its a known deficiency in the software design and implementation.

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                                  thenet Newbie

                                  How can i downgrade back to 1.6 version. 2.0 version kind of sucks due to missing volume control? I dont know why they did not add that feature.

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                                      millermmail Newbie

                                      The easiest way I know of to downgrade is simply uninstall v2.0 and follow this on your mobile browser:


                                      1. On your phone's browser, go to http://mobile.slingmedia.com/go/ppc_us
                                      2. Click the word "here" to get to the download page and put in your country.
                                      3. For Phone Type, select "Other Windows Mobile" EVEN IF YOUR PHONE IS LISTED.  This lets you manually pick the version.
                                      4. I selected "Touch Screen Windows Mobile 6.0 Or Later" for my Verizon HTC Touch Pro2 (WM 6.5).
                                      5. Last step, scroll down and pick the option in red "Click here to download SlingPlayer Mobile 1.6" and press "Accept" on the EULA.
                                      6. It should prompt to download the CAB file which you can run to reinstall the old version.


                                      It'll periodically complain that you should upgrade to v2.0 when you open the program but just hit "Later" and you can use the v1.6 without any more annoyances.


                                      Note: if you want to download the CAB installer on your computer and copy it to your phone's memory via USB/Bluetooth/whatever just click the link follow the same directions, it seems to work for me.  Your mileage may vary.

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                                  thenet Newbie

                                  Yeah this dont say much of the volume. I do not think there is a volume slide bar like it had 1.6 before. Which they will add this feature for 2.0