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    TiVO Ignores OR Slingplayer does not send dots or dashes of HD channels - can't use favorites or keypad, only can change channels with ch up/down! Why?




      hope that makes sense.  either my tivo is ignoring the dots and dashes, or the slingplayer is not sending them. 


      for example, even when watching live tv via my web browser, if i try to type "5.2" in the favorites box, to add a favorite, the tivo only receives/shows "52" which it thinks is 52.  not 5.2


      what am i missing?  if i can only use the up/down for channel, that's kinda lame. 


      another example, if i add some favorites in the mobile slingplayer, they add to the favorites list, but clicking on them does not work, becasue the tivo just seems to hear 52, rather than 5.2. 


      it seems to me the slingbox is not sending the dot/dash. 


      what gives? 


      slonbox solo, tivo HD, iphone, macbook...