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    First time setup of Slingbox 350 with Rogers Cable.


      Hi everyone. I have thought about getting a slingbox for many years, and finally made the move recently. I'm new to placeshifting, and my general understanding of networking is pretty basic in the big picture. I'm not sure if anyone in Canada has had experiences with these types of setups, I would appreciate any help with steps that I may be missing.


      I use the new Rogers enhanced wifi modem/gateway (Hitron CDE-30364), and because the room where the cable input will be is not near the modem, I use the D-Link Powerline 200 network adapters. I tried doing the easy setup, however I knew more is needed, and sure enough, the Slingbox can't be recognized. What are some important steps to take here, Its hard to find instructions that could help with my setup. Would it be better to bypass the gateway and set up a separate router?