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    HD PRO set up problems - No support!!


      Hello, I am in the UK and have a TV with freeview only (no Sky, cable etc) and i wanted to buy a slingbox to watch uk tv when abroad.

      I was told I needed to buy a SlingBox HD PRO so that I could plug into it my aerial cable. I had to buy it "new old stock" on ebay because it is no longer sold officially.

      I did that and then I bought the ipad app, assuming I could use this to set up the slingbox before leaving the country.

      When i tried to do this the app said I could not (only app set up available with sling box M1) and told me to go online.

      I went online and i found out that my mac was too old to use the available plug in

      Now I have spent all this money for the hardware and for the ipad app and i cannot even attempt to set it up.

      I looked for support, found a page with a london (020) number and called it. There was an automated voice saying go to the website.

      Went to the website, clicked on support - contact us... nothing! blank page

      Is this company folded?

      If not how can they not give any contact whatsoever like this?

      Can anyone help me please?