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    Slingbox PRO-HD problems after initially working


      Set up my PRO-HD in late Dec and it worked for about a month then it stopped displaying video on my phone.  It would connect to Slingbox but displayed a blank screen & no audio.  Could display my DirecTV Guide so I know it was connected and talking to my receiver.  Checked video input to SlingBox by attaching it to a TV vs Slingbox and video/audio was good.


      Spent several days trying to reconfigure the Slingbox - tried unplugging SlingBox and resetting it several times.  Since I planned to buy a new PC in a few weeks I waited until I got my new PC and tried again.  I've tried it maybe 25-30 times, both unplugging SlingBox and resetting it.  Sometimes it doesn't recoginze my SlingBox.  Other times it recognizes it and displays the Directory but when I click on my box it asks we for my Admin Password (have never set one up).  Other times it gets all the way to checking the software on the SlingBox but it hangs at that point.  I've let it run multiple times for 20-30 minutes with no luck except once after 30 minutes it asked for my Admin Password.  They claim that resetting the box a;;ows you to start fresh and set new passwords but if it doesn't hang up after resetting it still asks my for my Admin Password.


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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi KMAtkinson,



          Sounds like you might have more than one problem going on.  A little more information would help in figuring this out:



          - Can you watch Slingbox from your computer at home right now ?


          - Do you see information about your Slingbox if you go to support.slingbox.com ? (you need to log in to your Sling account to see it)


          - From home on your computer, what happens exactly if you go to setup.slingbox.com ?


          - How is everything set up ?  (video sources, how things are connected and the input types, router model)





          - Az

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              It doesn’t work at all now – can’t get it through the set-up process after resetting it multiple times.  My SlingBox info is listed under support.slingbox.com – probably from the initial successful set-up nearly 5 months ago.  I get different results every time I try the setup:


              1. It never recognizes my slingbox the first time – usually have to repeat the search 2-3 times before it’s recognized.
              2. Sometimes it asks for my Admin Password even before one is set up.
              3. Most times it hangs while checking software.
              4. Many times the cursor turns from an arrow to a + and I can’t select anything.
              5. The two times I got as far as setting up my Guide, the lights on the upside down U went out and it could no longer access slingbox – the two red lights were both on solid.
              6. I’ve tried resetting/setting up more than 30 times with varying combinations of the above – none of the successful


              I use the S-video connection – I know it works because it worked for the first month.  My Internet connection is through a Wireless Gaming Adapter.  That also worked for the first month and hasn’t changed.

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              Bryanod Novice

              Your issue comes from the bridge.  In the simplest terms before your devices use the ip part of networking they communicate by mac address.  When a bridge is in place you router and pc see the bridge's mac and not the mac addresses behind it.  2 ways to fix that are as follows


              1. Take out the bridge and connect the sling to the router.  Once your router assignes the sling mac a ip it will update its arp table and know the sling for as long as the DHCP lease is.  Placing the sling behind the bridge will ensure the sling is found by ip.


              2. Many bridges have a setup page.  Some will forward mac requests some don't.  Most all have a Clone Mac address.  Clone the sling mac onto the bridge.