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    Slingbox 500 - Audio/video not synchronous


      I have connected my Slingbox (SW version 01.01.192) via HDMI only (source has

      only unprotected.


      Direct watching works just fine, but with remote viewing (Slingplayer SW version 3.3

      on an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.02) I do have some issues:


      - Audio / video is not synchronous (at least most of the time not)

      - Audio has short drop outs after (short) silences (e.g. in case there is a person

        speaking and makes a break between two sentences, than the first part of the

        second sentence is not to be heared - it does also happens within sentences)


      These problems I haven't noticed during local watching (LAN).


      Anyone any advice on how to solve these issues ?

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          I have the same issue when watching from my laptop (both on the same network and remotely).  When I watch on my iPad (same network or different), the audio and video are in sync.  It is extremely annoying since sometimes I am able to use my laptop instead for the larger screen but there is a delay in the sound from the video.  I have a 500 that is connected via HDMI and component cables.

          Any help on getting the audio/video in sync is appreciated.

          I had a Slingbox Solo but the power supply started acting up and I could not use my Slingbox at all so I replaced it with the 500.  I'm sorry but I think the Solo was better since I never had any issues at all with it.

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              I have this same issue with my 350 which I installed in December.  It works fine on my ipad but on my laptop it goes out of sync within 5 minutes.  I have followed all of the suggestions I can find like turning off hardware acceleration and making sure ie is running 32 bit, not 64.  I am at my wits end and will probably have to reinstall my legacy slingbox pro to watch on my laptop.  I also installed google chrome to see if it would work on that browser but no, the same problem exists there.  If anyone finds the solution to this issue, please post it in bold capital letters. 

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              Matt.Sling Apprentice

              Hello nlrela2010/All,


              There are a couple possibilities that could effect audio/video synch.


              This article outlines the primary reasons and fixes for this issue: Audio and video are out of synch in Watch on Slingbox.com


              Hope this helps!



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                Matt.Sling Apprentice

                I didn't see this article posted in your thread, just trying to help.

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                    I think I have found the solution to my audio sync problem.   If I go to the quality settings and turn off “auto” and select any quality other than “best hd” everything immediately synchronizes and stays in sync.  I’ll let you guys figure out why that is, but it is fixed and the quality is fine when I watch with the quality set on “best”.  This is true both on google chrome and internet explorer.  Our ipads are working fine with the quality setting on “auto”.

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                        Turning off auto under quality and selecting best seems to work.  I have used my Slingbox with the Facebook interface without any issues though.  It's just when I use the Sling website to view my Slingbox that presented any issues.

                        Thanks for the help!  It's sad that the community seems better than Sling itself.  I'm a long time Slingbox user and haven't had these kind of issues until my Slingbox Solo died and I replaced it with a 500.

                        Now if they would just come up with an app for a BlackBerry Playbook...

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                      JazJon Newbie

                      Your iPhone SlingPlayer play back sounds like my experience so far.

                      Video: http://youtu.be/q6BMoeAhBrc


                      I'm attemping to use unprotected 1080P HDMI from my HTPC



                      I posted a long thread about the video playback problem.  The sumerized version from tech support is I need to use Component and not HDMI input



                      I'll keep your suggestion in mind of manual quality settings once I get a hold of a HDMI to Component adapter/converter.

                      The HDFury is no longe on eBay and the one Monoprice one is no longer available as well.  I think I might have found one though will know soon.