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    WD TV Media Remote Question


      I just got this WD Live box to use with my Slingbox connected to my cable TV box.  When using the remote that comes with the WD box I can not figure out how to remotely turn the cable box on.  If I leave it powered on I can use the WD remote to change channels so that function works fine.  Any thoughts on how to get this remote to turn the cable box on and off?


      Thanks in advance.

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          When you connect to the Slingbox and your cable box is switched off, do you not see a message telling you to use the on-screen controls to navigate to 'Misc' and then choose the power toggle?

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            If you mean the power button that is on your normal cable remote for standby etc, you can press the blue button on the wdtv remote and it should be in the misc part of the commands so just move over to that and move down to the on/off command.  For the different things along the top you'll be able to access different command functions shown along the bottom, some may have more than one set of commands so there will be dots above them to go through.


            Yellow is typically the guide button, red is for the streaming stats and green is for shortcut commands  which can't be used without a connected keyboard or a universal remote that can be programmed for letters etc.