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    Netgear NEO TV players

    jamesmccourt Novice



      I see the new Netgear NEO TV players will now have a Slingplayer. Which Slingboxes will this player be compatible with?



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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          The Neo is a Google TV, I think?


          If so, I'd imagine (might be wrong though) that it will use the same Slingplayer that works on the other GTVs, such as the Sony NSZ-GS7 and Vizio Co-Star, in which case the info should probably be somewhere in the connected devices section I would have thought, but I know from my own experience that the two GTVs I mention at least work with the Pro-HD and the 350, albeit with some annoying issues well documented elsewhere.

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            craig.sling Novice

            Hello jamesmccourt,


            Thank you for contacting the answer forum. The is a very good question. Ill post a link below that will tell you what slingboxs are compatible with the Netgear Neo.



            Hope this helps,


            Thank you,

            Sling Moderation Team

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                pjcala6 Newbie

                I bought the netgear Neo Tv Pro and I cannot figure out how to use the onscreen remote with my slingbox 500 . Can anyone offer me any help? Once the stuff is on the screen I cant get rid of it and it remains on the screen all the while I am watching. Please advise and help. It can be annoying . thanks Janet

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                    leanne.sling Newbie

                    Hi pjcala6,


                    If you are trying to exit the control screen on the Netgear Neo you should be able to just press the menu button to make the control screen disappear. Here is a link with some short cut keys for the connected devices:



                    Hope this helps!


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                    The Sling Moderation Team - Leanne

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                        pjcala6 Newbie

                        thanks for the reply.. Now that is settled. This neo tv has a mind of its own. sometimes when I try to get into the dvr it takes forever and the little circle on top right goes around and around and takes forever to get to where its supposed to go. Does anyone else have this problem ? thanks  Janet

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                            stanley.sling Apprentice

                            Hello pjcala6,


                                 It sounds like you might just need to increase your network speeds. You will want to run a speed test at speedtest.net to verify that you have 2Mbps Upload and 2Mbps Download at both the Slingbox location, as well as at the Netgear NeoTV's location. If you are not meeting these requirements, you would want to contact your Internet Service Provider(s) for information on how to meet these requirements.



                                 Here is the Support Article that states the requirement of 2Mbps:





                            Sling Media Forum Moderation Team

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                                pjcala6 Newbie

                                thanks all is good now.. One last problem I am having with the netgear Neo Tv .. I just recently switched to Comcast X1 platform and now the pause button on the netgear which is used to play the slingbox is all grayed out and I cant use it.   So I cant pause anything .. Any ideas? isn't slingbox supposed to update their stuff with Net gear? Now I hear that slingbox is no longer doing updates for the netgear Neo Tv  . Is this true?  Do I have to get another type of box to sling the shows on my dvr?  please advise .. thanks

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                        NONE!  They will claim the Netgear 300, 300 Max and 300 Pro are compatible with Slingbox and even come with an app installed. I am telling you do NOT buy any Slingbox with the intention  of watching it on another TV. These apps simply do not work.  As I type this I have been watching the Slingbox "Optimizing connection" message for 15 minutes while this attempts to display an image. Soon I will receive a session timeout error message. To call this product unreliable would m islead people into thinking it works often, which it does not!