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    Slingprojector minimum PC requirements


      Could anyone please elaborate on the minimum PC requirements needed to run Slingprojector?  I would like to project at the 1024x768or 1280x720 resolutions which Sling claims are possible. I’m currently using a Sony laptop with a core 2 duo processor (2 GHz) and I’m lucky if I get 640 x 480 projection resolution (with the CPU working at > 90%).  Granted my video card is not the best, but I’m not sure if this makes a difference.  I would consider upgrading my PC, but it’s my impression that the current PCs capable of delivering the type of performance needed for this high-resolution projection are mostly (if not all?) running 64-bit Windows, which is not supported by Slingprojector.  Is there a PC system that handles streaming the higher-resolution video, and would somebody be so kind as to share the specs?  Finally, even if I were to find a PC that could handle streaming the higher video resolutions, can anyone verify that Slingcatcher handles the video adequately without freezing or sputtering?