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    Sling Player DOES NOT WORK on DROID DNA!!!!


      I had contacted Sling Support and the agent had advised me to post a discussion thread on here to see if Sling's engineers can look into this for me. I have a Sling Media Slingbox Pro HD and the box had worked perfectly since I purchased it last year. As soon as I upgraded my Galaxy SIII to a DROID DNA, the player stopped working. The app would open to the screen where I can tap on the "Connect" button, it goes to a black screen as if it's connecting and then it just goes back to the "Connect" screen again. My box works just fine with my iPads at home and computers. I have two friends that I frequently connect to their boxes before (one with a Pro HD and one with the new Slingbox 500) and I now cannot connect to with the Droid DNA. I have a feeling that it's due to the 1080 screen resolution that the phone has. Please HELP since NFL Playoffs are starting and I NEED to have this on the go.