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    Slingbox solo Configwindow empty


      Dear Members of this Forum!


      I use a Slinbox Solo, attached to my WLAN-Router, (DLINK DI-524) Slingplayer (WinXP, SP3) in german language.

      When starting to config ist, the Config-Window opens, but it ist empty, exept 3 Arrows in a vertical row.


      I can ping my slingbox When i Connect to my Slingbox-Directory I see it, but Slingplayer tell me, that the box it is not cofigured.

      I have manualy enteered the Slingbox-ID to my Sling-Account, find it also on slingplayer on my iPhone, (inhouse WLAN)  but coutd not connect because the box is not configured.

      When using a different Notebook, I have the same problems - The Cofig-Screen ist empty (except 3 Arrovs).


      Could someone help me please.

      Could my Slinbox have a defekt


      Best regards an Greetings from Ausria


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          am having the same issue.

          moved to a new house.

          slingbox pro is attached.

          network light is on.

          installed desktop software successfully.

          when i start the software is states that a new slingbox is on the network.

          asks me if i want to configure it...

          i say yes.

          setup assistant comes up.

          window opens that is all white w/ 3 arrows.


          anyone else have this issue and a fix?

          we'd be grateful!



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            reset the internet options under internet explorer.

            set them to default.

            that's all there is to it.