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    I can't find the Slingbox ID


      I have my new slingbox 500 all set up on my local lan.  I am able to view it from my computer at home.  When I try to add the slingbox to my account is asks for my ID number. I can't find it anywhere.  Support says it is on the first screen after I log into my account.  It gives me a lot of information but not the ID number.  I am running out of ideas.

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          While watching on the LAN with SlingPlayer type Alt-E.

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              I thought I read that SlingPlayer will not work with the Slingbox 500.  I did try to install it but it gave me an error.  I can't remember the error, something like it was capable...  I could be wrong about that.  I will try installing it again.

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                  craig.sling Novice

                  Hello acc4735315,


                  Thank you for contacting us here on the answer forums. I am sorry to inform you that the two new units will not work with the older software. The 500 and 350 have to be used on the website. The old software will asked you for a password and other information that is not setup on these units. The Slingbox 500 and 350 should work with the website with no problems and will run as well if not better than the older software.


                  I hope this helps,


                  Thank you,

                  Sling Moderation Team

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                OvCollyer Apprentice

                Although the new Slingboxes do have an ID 'behind the scenes' this isn't visible to the user it seems.


                It appears that the assumption is you will only want to use the Slingbox with the account you set it up using, ie unlike the older Slingboxes you can't simply add them to other accounts using the ID.


                If you want the new Slingbox to appear in a different account I think you're meant to use the 'guest user' functionality to add the email address of the other account which should make it appear in that account's directory.


                However if you've already setup your Slingbox I'm not sure why you need to add it to your account - it should already be added to the account you were logged in as when you set it up?