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    Need to reboot the slingbox for local use



      I use the slingbox on my lan only with a wd live. It works fine except every 2 or 3 days, the stream goes to amazon cloud instead of local. To stay local (172.16.x), I need to unplug and replug the power of the slingbox. Then, slingbox servers are updated and I Am able to stream direct on my lan, using hd.


      I tried to configure my firewall to block the traffic, but no success, after a few hours, if I shut down my wdlive, I cannot retrieve the slingbox but I am able to ping it.


      Is it a way to allow local traffic only and not going to your server to retrieve my local ip who never change. I assign a specific ip to its mac address.


      Thanks for your answer.

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          I am disappointed. I still need to reboot my slingbox almost every day and no answer from a technician about that.


          If I do not reboot the slingbox, the signal still continues to go through amazon cloud (with different ip of couse) and come back to my local network, When I reboot the slingbox, an update is made to slingbox servers and I can access locally to the slingbox.


          Is there a way to avoid the connection to slingbox servers and connect directly to my slingbox for local use ?