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    External Hard Drive to Slingbox 500?


      I just bought my first Slingbox to test next to my Vulkano unit and I was wondering if the Slingbox will accept an external hard drive to store and record shows that are playing throughthe connected Fios DVR?  I currently have external hard drives hooked up to all of my DVR's, the DVR's are networked but I have to access them through the dvr menu.


      I like the Slingbox channel guide and It would be nice to click on record and it autorecords to an external attached to the Slinbox or the DVR.  To me the Slingbox guide is just information and you still have to go through the DVR menues to record.


      The delay is sometimes a pain even at 50/50MB fios fiber.


      I feel like Slingbox is not as good as Vulkano since the Vulkano players are free, they have built in DVR capabilties and they have a working channel lineup.