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      I am considering buying a sling box pro.


      The reason is I live on the Costa del Sol, in Spain and we are about to loose all the UK TV due to a satellite move.


      If I buy the box and my son installs it in the UK will I be able to watch TV here in Spain, bearing in mind I do not want in any way to disrupt his viewing, ie change channels on his TV etc.  The way I read the Sling Box blurb is if he just connects a coax lead from his aerial to the box it will receive BBC freeview channels and as long as he doesn't connect the box to his SKY box there will be no disruption to his viewing


      Then I can use my iPad and send the iPad output to my Apple TV and then to my TV


      Hope this makes sense ...... Many thanks in advance

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          craig.sling Novice

          Hello tecknoes,


          I am glad that you posted on our answer forum and I would be than happy to help. The box that I think you should get is the Slingbox Pro HD the reason I am suggesting this unit for you and not the Pro is because the Pro is not compatible with the Slingbox Pro. The Pro HD is the only Slingbox supported by the iPad that has a coaxial input. So this device is the only device that would let you not interrupt the TV at your sons house and still watch the Slingbox over your iPad.


          I hope this helps,


          Thank you,

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