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    How to control 2 Tivo Series 2 with IR blaster?


      I have a Tivo Series 2 Dual tuner and another Series 2 hooked up to Slingbox Pro.


      Am having trouble with controlling them separately with the IR blaster? Both respond to all commands including recoding, changing channels, etc.


      How can I get the SB to differentiate between the 2 sources?


      I have the DT set up as a Tivo source and the stock Series 2 set up a generic PVR source (Code 4 which mimics the Tivo).


      However, the problem seems to be that both prongs of the IR blaster fire during a remote command so one cant seem to control the same type of source on the separate video inputs. Or at least I have not figured out how.


      ANy ideas?

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          Maistro69 Newbie

          This is common among almost any home A/V setup. All IR blinkers fire when a command is given (button on remote pushed) and when you have the same brand and model equipment it can't tell the difference. Unless the slingbox has discreet IR emitters for each device (which it does not) then all IR commands for all devices will be sent to the blaster and isn't normally an issue unless it's in your unique situation. The solutionis is either change to a different brand for the second source or if the other device has the ability to change codes. Some components will have say remote code 1,2,3,4 in the setup menu and then a button on the remote thats changes the IR protocol it follows. I run into this issue a lot when the customer is using the same brand A/V reciever to run the surround sound in the living room and the same brand stereo reciever for patio speakers and they're using a universal remote.