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    Slingbox kills my network - best way to turn it off


      Hello, so my 100Mbps internet + Airport Extreme is pretty much unusable with my Slingbox 350 plugged in.  My Media Center extender becomes unresponsive and download speeds drop about 98%.  My solution is to yank the slingbox plug out of the wall, and the internet/wifi is back to being glorious.


      Sooo, is there a better way? I currently control all of my other A/V separates with my universal remote and I would like to be able to turn off my 350 with that remote as well.  Considering it only gets about an hour use per week, this would be ideal.


      I suspect I'm going to get told to go pound sand.  I would really like to understand why the unit doesnt have an on/off switch nor the ability to be powered on/off by a remote control.  Is that a ridiculous question?  I don't think it is.  As long as I don't have the ability to do that simple action I can't recommend the slingbox at all.


      P.S. Does this have anything to do with the included IR accessory?  The soft remote works fine without it, I'm still trying to wrap my head around what that's all about.