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    error connecting (2 PC's, 3 browsers, also old 2.0 app, Win 8 & 7) but Mac & iPad connect fine


      I'm very frustrated with SlingBox. Things used to work months ago, but not now.


      The Windows 8 bootcamp partition of that laptop (which I use 99.9% of the time)  and my other Window 7 desktop can see the SlingboxSOLO but get an "error connecting" error when Slingbox website-based tools attempt to connect to it using either the setup web app or the live watching web app.


      I get the same result when I tried disabling the PC's antivirus protection and Windows firewall.  The problem occurs in MSIE10, MSIE9, Chrome (latest version), and Firefox.


      I've seen the same effect both trying http://newwatch.slingbox.com/ and trying http://setup.slingbox.com/ .  Especially in the latter case, the slingboxSOLO is clearly and definitively visible, but then any attempt to actually access it fails with "error connecting".  I see no response in the device's lights (two lights on right side remain lit solid, and no light activity on the arch that would light up if a connection were achieved).


      BUT the Mac OS X side of my new laptop (Safari browser) and my iPad2 SlingBox app can both see and connect to my SlingboxSOLO easily.  By resorting to the Mac OS X I was able to confirm the slingbox is fully functional and has the latest available firmware.  This also means there is no problem with the network or hardware (although I can't rule out the possibility of Slingbox's software uses different mechanisms under Windows).


      I have no clue how else to get this working.  What has gone wrong with the Slingbox web setup & web player under Windows?  What other troubleshooting makes sense to try????


      I tried calling Slingbox yesterday but had to give up after being on music-on-hold for an hour waiting for someone to pick up.  I'm feeling very frustrated, wasting hours on this problem that didn't exist months ago.


      What could the problem be??? 






      P.S. 1 --  I've also tried using the legacy unsupported SlingPlayer 2.0 client software (windows) and get the same kind of failure.


      P.S. 2 -- All of my above testing is done within my home on the same LAN using wired connections for everything (although wifi sees the same thing).


      P.S. 3 -- I've ensured java is installed and working.  I have not changed any default settings for enablement of java or activex things.


      P.S. 4 -- This question is also posted over at https://community.sling.com/message/82325 under a different category

      since it seems to fit under more than one.