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    Sound Issues


      For the last 18 months my Slingbox Pro HD has been perfect.   2 days ago I got a new TV and the sound has been wonky ever since.  I

      have a perfect picture on my TV, iPad, iPod but sometimes I have sound and sometimes not.   I read in an online review that is an

      HDMI connection is involved anywhere in the media center set up that a Slingbox won't work.  Can this possibly be right?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello outrageousrags,


          Thanks for reaching out to us here in the forums, that's a great question! Although an HDMI cable can sometimes have an impact on the Slingbox's ability to stream HD content, it wouldn't just interfere with the audio. I would suggest checking the audio connections/cables for the issue you are describing.


          Here is a link to an article regarding troubleshooting audio issues:



          Hope this helps!



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              I checked the setup and it looks like it is correct.   I believe it must be because the sound issue is sporadic.   One time I turn it on (on different devices) and I have sound and the next time I don't.  

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                Hi KWhit,


                I have had my slingbox (Pro-HD) for 3+ years now with no issues.  About 2 months ago I noticed that I was not getting any sound coming out of the slingbox but my picture is fine.  I have tried resetting the box to factory settings with no sucess and I have also tried multiple devices to see if it was an issue with my pc, with no sound coming through.   I am getting sound on my TV so it's not the cable box but it seems to be an issue with the output from the slingbox itself.  Is this a hardware issue itself with the box?  Or is there something else that I am missing.