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    Can I move Slingbox device to another account?




      Is it possible somehow to move a slingbox device to a different account without the need to do the setup from the beginning again?

      The reason is that I would like to have more than one devices under one account. But these devices will be setup at different partners at remote locations. To setup a device one needs to be an administrator, guest account is not enough. For security and privacy reasons I cannot let a partner know the login details.

      The imagined procedure would be that the partner configures the Slingbox SOLO in a temporaty account and after that the Slingbox is moved to our common account administered by me.


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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello hboeu,


          Thanks for using our answers forum!  I understand that you are interested in changing the Sling Account (or adding another account) that a Slingbox is currently on without having to re-run setup. You can actually add the already configured Slingbox to another account just by adding it in the Slingbox directory (with the Slingbox ID and either the admin or guest password). I saw that you mentioned that guest access is not enough, so instead of using a guest password when adding the Slingbox to another account you can use the admin password and have all of the privileges.


          Here is an article which should assist you with this endeavor:



          Hope this helps!



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