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    Linux Support Please


      One of the reasons that Linux on the desktop has been slow in adoption is because of the lack of 3rd party support both in drivers and software. I can tell by your job postings that Linux and open source plays a vital part in your organization.


      I'm asking for you to spend a little time to make slingbox.com Linux compatible. I would like to have a fully supported Linux client too, but I see no reason why slingbox.com can't work now. It requires a plug-in for Firefox 3 which means support for Linux is there, it just needs to be turned on.


      Please spend a little time and give back to the community that plays such a big part of your organization.


      Thanks for reading,

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          I somehow doubt that the folks at Sling Media even care what the users think anymore.  Like many companies with a popular product, they tend to be VERY customer-oriented when they're just getting started and then develop their own agenda without listening to what their user base desires as they gain popularity.  I was an early adopter of the SlingBox.  Folks have been asking for Linux support since I got started.  Not going to happen.  Face it.



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              What you said tends to be true. When a company get more successful, they tend to be more corporate and are slower to introduce new products. Also when a company goes public, they tend to listen to their stock holders more than their customers, but this is not always the case.


              In my original post I was trying to make two points. The first point is that the Linux adoption rate is going to continue to be slow as long as company's like EchoStar/Sling Media don't step in and start supporting it. For example, if I ask a friend to try Linux, and he really likes it, but he finds out that he can't install the Slingplayer on his laptop that he uses to watch TV when he travels. Do you think he is going to keep Linux installed? Of course not. This happens all the time. When I ask people who try Linux but go back to Windows, one of the first answer is usually application X does not work. Wine has helped a lot in situations like this but in this cause it doesn't work very well. Even though I use Linux as my main desktop I still continue to duel boot to Windows to play video games.


              The second point I'm trying to make is from a technical point of view. It's much easier to create a cross platform web application than it is to create a cross platform desktop application. I never thought they would create a Linux desktop application even though I security hoped they would. That being said, they have already done all the hard work to make a web application that works on both Windows and Mac. It's not that much harder for them to make it work on Linux too. Defiantly no where near as hard as it would've been if they made a desktop application for Linux.

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                  I was looking into buying a slingbox, but Linux support is super important to me.  I probably won't buy it if it won't work at all.  On the official Live TV player feedback forum, Linux support looks like the 2nd most requested feature.  Here's the link: http://sling.uservoice.com/forums/3116-sling-com-live-tv-player


                  It says that the status is "under review", but I'm not sure how long it's been like that.

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                      ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

                      Hi ap11,



                      I was looking into buying a slingbox, but Linux support is super important to me.



                      Right now, I've found zero support for it and I can't make it do anything with Linux.  I looked into using WINE, that was a total bust.  In fairness, I'm not an Linux expert by any means.


                      Something might change or someone might figure it out, but for now my experience says it's a hard no-go.



                      I love the product and don't want to dissuade you from an otherwise cool device, but if Linux support is a must-have for you, I'd think twice about buying one.




                      - Az

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                          eferz Expert

                          I was a member of the old SlingCommunity forums, and Slingplayer 1.4 was used to run on Ubuntu.  When 1.5 was released some people were able to get it working but most couldn't.  By the time 2.0 came out, nobody could get it working on any distro.


                          At this point, Slingmedia is going to probably push Flash since they made the annoucement on back in January.  This way they can let Adobe work out platform compatibility. It sucks for us but it saves them software development dollars by minimizing the number of platforms to support.

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                              With the scripts generated by one of the guys in the Linux user group on the old forums you could setup the older versions of the player in about 5 minutes and be watching away... if sling would be so kind as to grab those and get a linux community going on the new support forums it would be great.

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                                  eferz Expert

                                  I remember those scripts, the last functioning one was for Slingplayer 1.4 and Ubuntu Gutsy.  They were written by AndyBBB.  You know, those scripts were just running Slingplayer through Wine.  You'll probably have a native Linux client once the Slingplayer Mobile for Andriod is released.  It might take a little tweaking but I'm sure someone will get it done.  It'll probably be easier than trying to get 2.0 running in Wine.

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                                      eferz Expert

                                      Here's his old instructions...


                                      Ok, so its not perfect! (not by far) but with just 1 days work and research i have been able to:

                                      get the slingplayer software installed
                                      get the slingplayer.exe running
                                      get the slingplayer.exe to connect to my slingbox
                                      get the slingplayer.exe to stream audio
                                      get the slingplayer.exe to stream (shoddy) video

                                      How to get to this stage:

                                      I will assume you know how to run commands from the linux terminal prompt.

                                      1.) Install wine as you would normally (either compile from source, or use the ubuntu package manager)
                                      2.) Install slingplayer setup file under wine
                                      3.) Follow the slingplayer installation steps as you would normally to get it installed under windows
                                      4.) Download the package ive put together with required files for good installation.
                                      5.) install MPSetupXP.exe file under wine (it wont install everything, but it will install enough, it will say it hasnt completed but thats ok, its not windows media player we are trying to get to work, its slingplayer we just need the dependancy files it installs)
                                      6.) place msxml3.dll, msxml3r.dll, qcap.dll, quartz.dll, dxdiagn.dll into the wine system32 folder
                                      7.) run regsrv32.exe (which is located in the system32 folder) and register the files : msxml3.dll, msxml3r.dll, qcap.dll, quartz.dll, dxdiagn.dll (for example wine regsvr32.exe msxml3.dll) this should display that the dll has been registered successfully for all!
                                      8.) open winecfg and click the libraries tab. in here make sure your settings match these :

                                      dxdiagn (native, builtin)
                                      msxml3 (native)
                                      qcap (native, builtin)
                                      quartz (native, builtin)

                                      this will now run the files natively (as if it was running them through windows) rather than using wine standard libs.

                                      now run slingplayer.exe and you should be able to connect to your slingbox and hear sound / see (shoddy) video (see screenshot)

                                      If anyone has any better luck so far please email me on mail [at] lommage.co.uk , i really want to get this to work, and will be happy to work with someone to get it to work.

                                      Andrew Butkus
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                          255909662557039 Newbie

                          Ok. So an update here for Linux desktops. I have a solution! I stumbled upon this completely by accident and haven't tested it yet because some compiling and patching is involved. If you would like to know the solution, please PM me or message me as I do not think this should be public just yet. For one reason, it's quite beta. Secondly, it's not officially supported by SlingMedia, who seem to not care if a Linux version is ever created.