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    Slingbox 500- two people watching?


      With the Slingbox 500, is it possible for someone to be watching something on the TV that the slingbox 500 is connected to while someone is watching something else via the slingbox 500 on watch.slingbox.com?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC4728411,


          Thanks for using our answers forum here, that's a great question! However, if someone is accessing the Slingbox remotely it will change the channel on the cable box at home. The Slingbox doesn't create an independent video stream and when using the SlingRemote it is communicating with the cable box just like your physical remote would at home. The only way the remote stream and the viewing at home could be separate would be if you had a dual tuning cable box, or two individual cable boxes (ie: one connected to the Slingbox and the other to the TV). Does that make sense?


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