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    Screen Size


      I have the slingbox pro hd set up straight to my HD antenna.  When watching FOX NFL, the ticker on the bottom of the screen that scrolls across does not show up fully on my slingbox when in full or regular screen, but when I look at my TV, it fits perfectly fine.  I've attempted to change the video size every which way I can, but to no avail.  So my question is, how can the default screen for the slingbox be resized to capture the entire picture?  Before someone answers with you can extend the slingplayer to fit, I am not talking about that - I am talking about the picture inside the player which doesn't show up 100%, regardless of the actual size of the sling player.


      Something in the slingbox itself, such as the tuner, isn't taking 100% of the input and allowing me to view it without cutting it off.  Any help here would be appreciated.

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          Hello pasteph1,


          I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue with viewing the full picture when viewing your Slingbox. It sounds like the signal isn't properly formatted. I would first try resetting the Slingbox and re-scanning for channels. If the issue persists beyond that, I would suggest reaching out to your cable provider to see if they can resend or reset the signal being sent through your coaxial cable.


          Here is an article with steps on resetting your Slingbox:



          Hope this helps!



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              You obviously didn't read my question in that I don't have cable - the picture I get is directly from my HDTV antenna.  The picture is perfect on my television and my HDHomerun via WMC, but the slingbox cuts off the picture.


              I have already reset the slingbox with no resolution.  Any other suggestions here?  What would prevent the slingbox from slinging the entire picture without cutting out the top and bottom of the picture?