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    Why Sudden Disconnect?


      I have a Slingbox Solo that can stream up to around 6,000 kbps, but it often disconnects suddenly even when there is a good connection. It says it's because of a slow internet connection (code: W202), but my internet still works fine when this happens, so I'm not sure if this is actually a problem with my internet connection or with the Slingbox. Any ideas?

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          Hello BDL1994,


          Thank you for using our online answers forum here! That is definitely a little frustrating when you have good internet connection and then the stream just quits or disconnects. It is hard to determine the culprit without asking some questions, i.e. does it happen on different browsers, have you tried different computers, have you disabled any firewalls, VPN software, anti-virus software?


          Here are some links to help you try and troubleshoot the issue further!



          Hope these links help troubleshoot your issues, please feel free to reply with more feedback if you have any more problems.


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