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    Can connect via local LAN but not WAN




      I set up 2 aliases for my slingbox pro hd on port 5002

      1) one to connect on LAN

      2) one to connectg on WAN


      Connecting to LAN works fine.  Testing connection to WAN, I get

      Operation failed because of invalid response.

      (Context: 20, Operation: 4, Error: 0x92350003)


      When I looke at the properties from the LAN connection, I noticed I have WAN ACCESS "NO" and REMOTE CONFIGURATION "NO".  I do have another slingbox tuner on port 5001 that works fine on LAN and WAN.


      Please advise.  Thanks.


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          robbr Newbie

          Why do you need two aliases?  I'd elimnate one and just set up port 5001 or 5002.  If you're streaming on your LAN you shoudn't need to open a port, are you maybe running a 2nd subnet?  If so that can cause havoc for your Slingbox.  If your Slingbox is connected correctly when you start the software it will notice their is a Sling on your local network.  I think you have just added too many steps for your setup and that's causing your issues.

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            Bryanod Novice

            On the lan 2 slings can use the same port on the WAN they cannot.  Simply change the second slings port to something other than 5001 create a port forward to that lan ip and port


            Here is why its not working


            On a remote connection your sling is your ip and port. Say is your ip is your unique internet address for that sling. Your router forwards any traffic on port 5001 to the sling lan ip.  When you have 2 slings you need a unique internet address. so anything but will work