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    From SlingMedia back to Apple back to SlingMedia ( Streaming Issues)

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      My Setup: Slingplayer 500, iPhone 5 (iOS 6.0.2), Macbook Pro


      After contacting support of both slingmedia and apple (over 4 hours of calls...) The issue still remains unsolved - the technician I spoke to (@slingmedia) seemed unfamiliar with any other problem like mine but a simple look at your app reviews (on the Apple app store), and your forums, I am definitely not the only one experiencing these problems!


      Your technician blames Apple - after a lengthy phone call with Apple - they blame it on your App


      A simple dilemma - why doesn't it stream at full quality (on cellular) when it has full LTE strength. A speed test on the phone reveals a 15Mbps download but the app only registers a spotty connection of 200kbps to 400kbps.


      I can even hook the phone up to tether my internet to a computer and than stream HD video from your website (using the very same phone connection that fails in the app)


      What your technicia did verify:

           It is not my Upload Speeds from home (5Mbps)

           We did a full restore on the Slingbox and on the iPhone.

           I have enabled Port forwarding.

           Your technician blamed the Airport Router - so I bought and tested a Linksys (still no different)

           And since it can stream to a PC using my phone data (tethering) the Phone data is plenty fast

           To get really technical - I can share the internet from my phone (tethering) to a computer, back to my phone through a router and internet sharing,      and using my phones wifi - I can stream on the app full HD video using the phones data shared to a computer and back


      So the simple question remains - My phone data is fast enough, so on cellular why can't I stream HD video without it lagging! Something is off.


      Please acknowledge the issue and come up with a solution for us with the issue! The issue is the same on my iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4th Gen all running 6.0.2.


      -Andrew Brown

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          I am trying to get word out to those seeking an answer and apparently my previous posts are to harsh on Slingmedia so they delete them: So here is a toned down version just so others like me know the problem does exist and its not their hardware:


          As an app develepor for iOS - I do know what the issue is and a Slingmedia Rep (Dana) has also confirmed this is correct and they are working on an app update ASAP


          The problem is the HLS Protocal was updated in iOS 6 by Apple and up to recently not noticed. So it will take a little bit of time to rewrite around the new protocal to allow full streaming over a cellular connection.


          That's the problem and reassurance has been given there will be a fix soon by a Slingmedia Rep (Dana)