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    Mapping network drive manually / Windows XP?




      I try to get my SlingCatcher access an external usb harddrive, and keep on receiving the error "Readonly network drives are not supported!"

      I don't understand where I 'm wrong and here are the steps I followed:


      1. On my computer, I shared its external disk on the network: My Computer->RightClick on drive 'I'->Sharing->Checked both "Share this folder" and "Allow network users...". I shared the disk as 'I". I've checked and made sure that all the other computers in my network can access for read and write this drive as \\Computer1\I .

      Note: Since this is a home network, I don't see a "Security" tab to set individual rights to the various users.


      2. On SlingCatcher: Add network drive ->Manually Add Drive-> typed \\Computer1\I  -> skipped when asked name and password. [Also tried with the n&p I used on Computer1 with the same null result]

      I got this error:  "Readonly network drives are not supported!"


      I have tried before with an internal HDD of another computer from the network, and had the same problem.


      Can anyone please explain me how to address this problem?


      Thank you,


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          Bryanod Novice

          The security tab will be on the folder. Instead of going to my computer goto my network. When you expand the tree you should see a folder called I. Right click that  


          How to configure file sharing in Windows XP

          1. Under the Sharing tab for the folder you want to share, click the Permissions button and give the following permissions to the user account that you want to connect with: Full Control, Change, and Read.
          2. Go to the folder that you want to share and click on the Security tab for that folder. The user that you want to connect with should be given the following permissions: Full Control, Modify, Read & Execute, List folder contents, Read, and Write.
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              You suggestion worked fine for me, and I the word "folder" gave me the idea that not a physical disc, but a folder should be shared as a network drive so that SlingCatcher can use it.

              So, only after I declared a local folder as a Network drive [instead of the entire disk], I was able to add it to the SlingCatcher.


              I think it might be useful if you mention this detail in your instructions.


              Thank you,