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    Planning on returning the Slingbox 500


      Hi just bought a slingbox 500. I have component and HDMI hooked up. As far as I can tell it never uses the HMDI becuase of the HDCP. I don't mind that it uses component for streaming content, however it is really frustrating that if I'm sitting at home, it still uses component. Is there a way to just have it pass through both audio and video? My real issue is that when watching TV at home, I no longer get Dolby 5.1 passed through. It is just the stupid stereo audio. How do I get 5.1 dolby passed through the slingbox for just watching tv. Think its going back to best buy this weekend. Is there a way to just turn off the slingbox when not using it so it can just pass through audio and video over the HDMI?