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    Slingplayer for Android Slingbox password not set up


      I just received the Slingbox 350 as a gift and got it to work on my laptop, but the app on my android phone says that a Slingbox password is not set up and keeps asking me for a Slingbox password. I tried all possible passwords including 'admin' with no luck. I spoke to tech support two different times yesterday and they didn't know why it is asking me for a password. I have reset the Slingbox several times and uninstalled and reinstalled the app a few times as well. Some forums gave step-by-step instructions to edit the slingbox in the directory but it doesn't give me an edit option, only a button to 'watch.' I have tried to add another slingbox in the directory but I can't find the Slingbox ID anywhere either. I have been talking about getting a Slingbox for a few years now, and this is not the experience I was expecting. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.