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    Slingcatcher and NAS drives?

    BobShanghai Newbie

      I see these things have been discussed at some length.


      I have a problem that so far I have been unable to solve, but also have been successful in connecting to a remote drive.


      First the problem.


      I just bought a new router (TP Link WDR4310). This is the Chinese version of WDR4300. But this is of no importance.


      Attached to this router (by USB) is a hard disk, which is shared as NAS storage, media server etc.


      I can access this drive without problem from windoze7, xp, my Sony Bravia TV, my Sony blu-ray player.


      Also I can access it via ftp server, both on my local lan and from "outside".


      So it works fine.


      Why oh why I cannot connect to it from any of my slingcatchers, (all on local lan)?


      No matter what I try for address path (url), slingcatcher reports it not found.


      Now a successful NAS connection.


      I have on the lan an Eaget M890 media player which has a 1T hard disk internally.


      I simply enter \\venus\hdd1 into the slingcatcher url (no need to enter user name or password), the slingcatcher finds the drive, maps it and can play any of the compatible files (music, movies etc) without any problem.


      So, what the heck I am doing wrong, failing to connect to the NAS attached to the TP Link box? I am stumped.