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    Am I the only Slingbox user who gets continual freezes?


      I started some years back with the original Sling and now have a Slingbox Solo. I bought the Solo in hopes that the problems I'd had with the original would be solved.


      In simple terms, whenever I'm in the US, it freezes every few minutes. It doesn't freeze when I use it inside Canada (where the box is) and my buddy in Asia routinely uses it from Thailand and from China without any problem.


      Over time I have replaced every box in the system ... my TV, the slingbox, the router, the internet service, my laptop computer and the client. But the freezes still occur. Right now I'm in Florida and using Comcast and it continues to freeze regularly. The shortest uptime is seconds, the longest might be 5 minutes. When it runs, it is great but suddenly it stops and does not recover on its own. Bit when I restart, the client it runs again for a few minutes.

      Am I unique here? What is there I can do to solve this? I'm a pretty technical guy and I can't identify any common element in all of this.