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    Location Services Communication Error!?


      I have been using my Slingbox Pro-HD for over a year now. I rarely  use it for viewing on my local network at home, but I use it a lot for  remote viewing when I travel. It's been pretty stable until the last  month or so when nothing was working and support said I needed a  replacement box $150. Even though I did the replacement, the problem  wasn't actually the box, it was the power supply. The only reason I knew  that is because they forgot to send me a new power supply with the  replacement slingbox-HD and when I set it up I had the same problems as  the one I returned. So, I went and bought a $20 dollar power supply with  the same rating and everything worked again. I plan on getting my $150  refunded btw.


      So, I was using my Slingbox for a couple of days  remotely viewing on my Mac or my phone without problem, and now since  last night I can't connect. I happened to be working near home and went  back to reset my router (even though internet works fine), cable box and  the slingbox. I went throught the whole setup assistant again and  everything worked and the configuration was successful. However, I still  cannot connect to the Slingbox remotely or even on my home LAN. I get  the following error no matter what:


      "SlingPlayer can't connect to the Slingbox Location  Service. Check your networks internet connection and firewall settings.  If they're ok, then the Slingbox Location Service might be temporarily  unavailable. Please try again later."


      Now I'm not  exactly sure what is going on. The setup assistant runs fine but then I  cannot connect. Anyone else having this issue? I run Sling Player on a  Mac running Leopard 10.5.8 with a Dlink Router and Time Warner as cable  provider.


      Thanks in advance for any info or advice.