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    HDMI Linked to Component


      I just got a Slingbox 500.  I also have a Slingbox HD (since 2008).


      I set up the 500 using a TV.  When setting up, I had the HDMI connected.  Then there was a message about digital content stating I should also use Component.  So now I have both HDMI and Component hooked up and during setup it "link" the two.


      When comparing the video of the Slinbox HD and the Slingbox 500, both are good, but the HD has crisper colors.


      The HD is hooked up to a Motorol QIP7100-1 and the 500 on a Motorola QIP7231-2.  Both on Fios.  The 7232 is a DVR.


      So why can I not use Just the HDMI on the 500?


      Do I have it hooked up correctly with the HMDI and Component linked?


      When I go to the slingbox account on the web site, if I go to change the input, if I select HDMI, it says it is linked with component and I need to us component.


      Also, for the remote on the 500, I had to choose a QIP6414 since there is no 7232!!





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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello mikemrossi,


          Those are great questions, thanks for participating in our online forum community here! The reason we recommend using component with HDMI is due to the potential HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) issues that you may encounter if using HDMI alone. The component connection should give you the ability to continue viewing even if the video content is protected. So, it sounds like you do have it hooked up properly. Regarding your SlingRemote, I would recommend choosing the Motorola QIP 6416 (DVR) for Verizon FiOS.


          Here is a link from our support site with some more detail regarding HDCP:



          Hope this helps!



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              ok.  So what is the point of hooking up the HDMI and not just component if it is using component video anyway?


              When streaming to a computer, shoud the video on the 500 look better than the older Singbox HD or the same?  I actuall think the HD looks a bit better than the 500. 


              Does the 500 use less Computer resources to display the same quality compared to the SB HD?


              My SB HD still works fine, I upgraded to the 500 thinking it would be better or provide the high quality with less bandwith.  I am not sure how to tell so figured I would ask.


              If there are really no advatanges, maybe it was not worth upgrading.