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    Can anyone help with M1 remote control please


      Help. I have 3 M1 slingboxes in Denver hooked up to 3 DTV Genie minis with 3 Firestick receivers on 3 tv's in Costa Rica. Everything was working fine until 2 days ago when I found I couldn't watch anything. Through process of elimination and having a friend in Denver reset the boxes I figured out that I have no remote access to the slingboxes. On any of them from any of the Firestick receivers. I have each one on a different account so a least one or two should be working. I have logged onto each box from each Firestick and none of them work. I have reset my internet and routers in Costa Rica but no change. I do turn off the DTV receivers when not in use (they would time out anyway) and put the Firesticks into sleep mode. Would this have anything to do with it? Can't imagine why it would but who knows. Do the slingboxes need to be re-registered?  Could it just be a matter of resetting the internet and routers in Denver? I was fighting with the setup for weeks. Had to buy all kinds of ancillary equipment because the boxes don't have HDMI etc. and after everything was working fine for 2 weeks this happens. I use the controls on the Firestick to control the boxes. Should I be using some kind of virtual remote I keep hearing about and if so, how do I get that? Getting very frustrated. Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

      Jim  in Costa Rica