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    Xbox 360 Custom Remote Question(s)


      Hi all trying to find a way to save an in game session (Minecraft) remotely on my Xbox 360.  The only way the autosave works is if the gaming remote is powered up and talking to the Xbox, however it goes to sleep after a few minutes of in activity (after I leave my house).  I have looked up the custom created Xbox .mdu file (thanks alanrichie42 - the apparent sling forum superstar) for RemoteMaster but it doesn't seem to have some of the buttons associated with the gaming Xbox remote, only the media remote.  I have googled and found the Pronto codes for the Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and most importantly I believe the Windows Start button. I assume/hope that the Windows start button on the media remote equates to the start button to the right of the silver Xbox Button on the gaming remote.  I guess the question I am getting at is how to convert the Pronto codes into the codes used in RemoteMaster to add those new functions.  This is my first time fiddling with customizing my remote and it's a little over my head ha!


      Also wondering if there is a way to build a custom button/macro that can submit a pulse every few seconds or so?


      Any answer/advice appriciated, thanks all!