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    PRO not work on ipad


      My Slingbox PRO works on my iphone but not on my ipad.

      Iphone is swedish, ipad is greek.....should this matter?


      My slingbox is probably 3 or 4 years old..


      Anyone has ideas on how to get it to work??






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          I installed the slingplayer on both my android phone and iPad, it had been working for two years.  There were no major problems that I myself

          couldn't troubleshoot.  But, for the past week neither one of my devices are able to connect with my slingplayer.  I have done every troubleshooting

          method I can think of.  I keep getting a message that says there is no Internet connection for my sling box.  But, when I check everything, my slingbox

          account says everything is working fine.  It isn't, and I'm still waiting on the phone for tech support. 


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            Still no one with an answer?


            Any slingbox staff people reading this??