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    Slingbox Pro stopped working today


      I have had a slingbox pro for 5 years.  Never a problem.  Today when I tried to connect I get the message that the slingbox is not connected to the network, even though it is, and even though the network and power lamps are on.

      Was something changed regarding firmware today that broke my slingbox?  Nothing changed on my network and my internet is up and running.


      Heres some info on my configuration... thanks for anyone who can solve this...



      Slingbox PRO

      Slingbox Software Version: 1.3.80

      Internet Viewing

      Set Up Complete: Yes
      Slingbox Public IP Address:
      Slingbox Private IP Address:
      Slingbox Port: 5001
      MAC Address: 0013B602AD2E

      Slingbox Access Info

      Activation Date: 09-07-2007
      Last Update Recieved: 12-14-2012
        • Re: Slingbox Pro stopped working today - SOLVED

          I solved the problem.  Just hit the rest button on the back of the slingbox while the power is on... or off, not sure.   The slingbox apparently loses its settings every once in a while and disappears from the net.  I always forget the reset button solves it all.  However you have to go thru the slingbox setup once more.... but at least the thing still works!!