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    Remote viewing won't work.


      A few months ago, i could not use my remote viewing. Called Slingbox, paid 29.99 and they tell me my "port" was closed and I should call my Internet provider which i did. Comcast informed me that my port was not closed. Okay, so I was in a standoff.  So Slingbox charged my the 29.99 and did not fix it. I randonly change the port number, and it work. Today, the same thin is happening and i forgot what I did to fix it. HELP!!!

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          robbr Newbie

          Cindy, you'll need to run through your Slingbox network set up again, try changing the port you have it on.  By chance did you update your routers firmware?  I'd suggest unplugging your router and Slingbox, wait 30 secs or so, then plug them all back in.  If still no success go into Sling  network set up, change your port, then go to router and change your port forwarding.  Make sure you click "Save" or whatever term your router uses to save all your settings so you don't lose track of them.  Most common port used for Slingbox is 5001.