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    Wireless network will not reconnect automatically


      I have my Slingbox 500 networked via a wireless connection. All works fine as long as router stays on. If I reset the router or power cycle the router the Slingbox will not reconnect by iteself. I have to reset the slingbox in order for it to reconnect. If I go into setup (on the slingbox) and reassign the network SSID & password (after a router re-boot) the Slingbox 500 will still not reconnect to the network, only after I reset the Slingbox will it connect. All other wireless network devices re-connect to the router automatically. I am running a Netgear R6300 using Wireless N 5GHz WPA2-PSK [AES] no SSID broadcast to connect to the Slingbox. Any Ideas??

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          I am having the same problem and mine is even getting worse. At first I could get my BIL to come by my house and pull the power on the Slingbox and then it would re-boot and find the network. Now that does not even work, I am very frustrated and think I may have the problem with the power supply mentioned in other posts. I am calling support Monday to see about another power supply.


          It makes the Slingbox worthless if it fails after each flicker in the power...