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    Samsung Note 10.1 Slingplayer not connecting


      I have my laptop and my samsung note next to each other and when i try to load sling player on my note, it come up with the following;



      Can't connect to your slingbox because it is not connected to the internet. Please verify that your slingbox is connected to your router. Then visit http://setup.slingbox.com on a mac or pc connected to your home network. select set up internet viewing and follow the instructions to configure your router. unplugging your slingbox for 10 seconds and plugging it back in may also solve the problem.


      However, i then try my laptop to connect and it connects immediately no problem, proving the slingbox is connected to the router. i have followed the instructions from both my laptop and my note as above, and both times it says already set up and all slingbox functions working correctly.


      However the note will not connect just the above alert everytime.


      So this is a software issue within the note program from slingbox. Now unistalling it and re-installing it will cost 26 quid as i have already tried this and had to pay again previously, so what can i do?