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    Can I Remote Control PC?


      OK, slingboxers, hree's what I want to do:


      I have a PC and a laptop. I want to keep the PC tucked away in my home office, but I want to be able to use my laptop in the living room as if it were that PC for after hours coding and gaming with my kids.


      Kind of like RDPing or LogMeIn without the suckage. I mean, those things are fine, but really not adequate for even casual gaming. (Development is pretty awful, too, though not impossible.)


      I have a friend who assures me this is posisble with the Slingbox HD and he knows people are doing it, but I can't find any supporting documentation so I'm worried I'm going to drop $300 for a solution that doesn't do what I want.


      Anyyone have any tips or clues?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello dsbw,


          Thanks for participating in our online forum community here! I understand you're inquiring about connecting a PC to a Slingbox. Well, this is not something that the Slingbox was designed for. Any audio/video source that you connect to the Slingbox is controlled by IR (infrared) signal, and that is how the Slingbox communicates with the source device (ie: changing the channel, powering on/off, menu access etc.). And with that being said you likely wouldn't be able to control your PC with the Slingbox, even if you were able to stream video.


          Hope this helps!



               The Sling Moderation Team

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              Thank you! It's much appreciated.


              As I said, I saw absolutely nothing to make me believe this was something Slingbox could do. Obviously you can't cover all the negative space. ("Can Slingbox double as a juicer?")


              Thanks again. I'll go bug my buddy about what he thinks he's seen....

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                  tcaradonna Novice

                  I've not seen this, but I'm guessing the problem is controlling the PC.  As the moderater pointed out, the slingbox only has an IR interface to control devices.  Therefore you must have somekind of direct input control to the PC like a bluetooth keyboard mouse(which clearly has range issues).  Have you tried a KVM extender?  That may be cheaper and more specific for your application.