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    Can't Download the Slingbox Software

    jwilson03 Newbie

      I purchased a Slingbox HD-Pro in April and since I travel a lot, I asked my brother-in-law to connect the box to his cable TV and PC. He used his E-mail address and password and gave it to me, so I could access the cable channels on my PC. Just now I tried to download the software, but was told I could not, presumably because my E-mail address is different from his. How can I download the software? Can I just ask Slingbox to erase both his E-mail address and password and substitute mine?

      My E-mail address is: praglenus@yahoo.com

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi JWilson,



          You shouldn't need to share Sling accounts in order to watch.  As long as you know the SlingID and the hardware view password for the Pro HD, that's enough.



          If you need to find the SlingID for the Slingbox, have a look at this support doc:




          To watch, you can use the full desktop SlingPlayer or the Web Player.  You can download the full SlingPlayer here:


          Mac Player v1.0.10.272      Windows Player v2.0.4



          To use the Web player, go to watch.slingbox.com.  You'll need to log in with your Sling account (email + password, same as your forum login).



          Regardless of whether you choose to use the Desktop or Web Player, use the SlingID to add your Pro HD to the Directory and you should be all set.



          Hope this helps,


          - Az