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    Question: blinking power light SOLO



      Similar  to kentcccmember in another question, my Slingbox SOLO has gone to just the blinking power  light. I am beyond the one-year warranty. After reading about the  problem on tech support, did all the troubleshooting with cables,  connections etc., hard reset of the unit produces no result. Just the  blinking continues. Have checked the power supplies (outlets) which are  fine. I saw an "announcement" at the entrance to this forum about power  supplies/adapters. Mine is the Ktec version. No way to troubleshoot  that, but have there been probems and is there a way to purchase a  replacement/more reliable ACpower adapter? Web site only for that, or do  normal Slingbox retailers sell them? Or could the main unit simply be  toast?


      Many thanks.TimCampbell

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          I've got this same problem so am anxious to hear a suggestion

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            exact same problem here. tried the factory reset but nothing happens..the power light just keeps on blinking.

            Does anyone have a solution to this?

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              keith.sling Apprentice

              Hello TimCampbell,


              Thanks for participating in our online forum community! I do apologize for any inconvenience you're experiencing with your Slingbox and the power issue that you're describing. It sounds like it definitely could be an issue with your power supply. You can either give us a call at 1877 GO SLING for additional troubleshooting or you can purchase replacement parts from our online store.


              Here is a link to our store:



              Hope this helps!



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                Comical that I'm back and this "assumed answered."

                I do have the real answer here.

                After eliminating all the other possibilities, the AC power adapter is surely faulty. I bought another one that's compatible, not from Sling, and it solved the problem. My Sling Solo is back up and running just fine.


                The whole matter has left me MASSIVELY disappointed with Slingbox. After doing all the troubleshooting homework (above) and then calling for help, they tried to charge me $29 for the answer, and it would have been more to buy the AC adapter.

                Later, I discovered they know about the problem (see announcements on forum's main page, the tech on the phone didn't even mention it), yet they still wanted to charge me after having identified they've sold some hardware that doesn't last.